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We are proud to feature the Hole in One registry of Australia, more details are listed below.
John Lyons
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Well Done Croke’s
Peter Croker, a great supporter of and contributor to the GolfZone Television pogramme has been awarded PGA Teaching Professional of the Year.

Peter’s development of the Croker Golf System (Natural Golf) has been adopted by a growing number of PGA Professionals in Australia and internationally, and his teaching methods have long been renowned on an international level with past students including Vijay Singh, Arnold Palmer, Fred Funk, Olin Browne, Roco Mediate, and Bob Charles.

Thoroughly deserved Peter – Well Done.

If any GolfZone members want any of Peter’s DVD’s or books they are available at our shop
Had a Hole In One?


Hole in One Certificate
Now all you lucky Buggers that have accomplished this rare feat can be recognized world wide for the skillful Golfers you are. For the rest of us, we just have to keep on Trying.

The Registry lists Aces achieved after December 30th, 1999